One of the problems in the audio world is that many times prioritize what is seen before what really matters: what is heard. More speakers do not translate into a better result.

Let’s review some basic concepts. Sounds are divided into bass, mid and treble. Each has a frequency range measured in Hertz (Hz). It helps us to know this because the different types of speakers are developed to reproduce the corresponding frequencies of the bass, mid, and treble (not to be confused with the power, which is measured in Watts). Specifically, we find the subwoofers, which reproduce the bass, the woofers that reproduce the mid sounds, and the tweeters that do the same with the treble.

Very well, then we could say that in order to have an ideal sound, we need to have one of each, distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle. Partly it is true, but it is not an absolute reality.

It is very common to see several speakers in an audio system, both in front and behind the cabin, believing that this way, the sound is better distributed. This is false. The most important thing to obtaining a good result is to have good front speakers that reproduce the mid sounds since they are the ones that work the most frequency spectrum. So what do we do with the rear speakers? Do not buy them and allocate that money to the front. Sitting in the back and with good front output, it sounds perfectly good (unless we have a limousine, of course).


Electronic music, reggaeton, and cumbia (the three genres preferred by followers of the “sounds a lot but listens to little” fashion) require powerful bass, which feels like beats and is perceived as a lot of distance. This translates to oversized subwoofers, and that takes up a lot but a lot of space. Are we willing to take out the rear seats of the car to get that unique sound? Here we have to appeal again to the honesty factor.


Don’t be afraid to admit topics you don’t know, especially when it comes to installation. The stereos, their amplifiers, and the speakers have an impedance (measured in ohms), which has to be uniform throughout the audio system. If there is something you don’t know, be sure to look for sources to advise you and ask for help to install a computer. Never do it alone if you don’t have complete confidence.


Last and not least is the stereo, a key part of the sound. Brands abound, but, by track record and popular approval, there are three that lead the market: Pioneer, Sony, and Kenwood. It is very important not to get carried away by names. The interface has to be comfortable and simple (you will be driving, never forget it).

Do you really need me to play mp3 discs? Sometimes it is more comfortable to have common audio CDs than an mp3 disc that we will never listen to in its entirety. Another interesting option is one of the USB port for mp3 players or iPods. It is a practical way to always have varied music.

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